Looking good, WordPress 3.0

Categories: Reviews,Technology

Newly released WordPress 3.0 is looking both beautiful (new default theme) and functional (batch updates, custom menus, custom post types, contextual help). I’m going to upgrade one of my blogs right now!

New features of WordPress 3.0 include:

  • Admin features
    • Set your admin name to whatever you like
    • Unified updating – update WordPress, plugins and themes in batch, in one place
    • Contextual help on every screen
  • New default theme “Twenty Ten”
    • New look
    • Custom backgrounds
    • Custom header images
  • Custom menu system
    • Mix and match pages, categories, custom links
    • Reorder menu items, create submenus, rename titles
    • Sidebar widget to match
  • Custom post types
  • Built-in shortlink generator
  • Update a network of sites from a single WordPress installation

UPDATE: Upgrades ran smoothly. Even batch-updated my plugins.

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