New York City’s 311 calls

An interesting article by Wired about the topics and numbers of complaints made to NYC’s 311 line.

“Launched in March 2003, 311 now fields on average more than 50,000 calls a day, offering information about more than 3,600 topics: school closings, recycling rules, homeless shelters, park events, pothole repairs.”

Wired points out that a 2008 customer satisfaction survey conducted by a third-party firm, showed that NYC’s 311 line finished 1st in satisfaction compared to various public and private call centers. Apparently, at the very bottom of the list, are cable companies.

<random rant>By the way, I despise cable companies. I once called Time Warner Cable about 20 times because of something they screwed up on my bill and refused to fix — when some manager finally fixed the issue for me, I nearly cried.</random rant>

PS: Thanks Sunjoo for the article!

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