How to wireframe like a ninja

26 Aug 2010 | Categories: Artists,Reviews,Technology | 0 comments »

User Experience Designer, Travis Isaacs, shares his take on balancing time vs. effort, as well as sketch vs. wireframe vs. prototype vs. comp — by creating high-fidelity wireframes in Keynote. His presentation is called Keynote Kung-Fu: How to wireframe like a ninja and was given at the Big Design Conference in May 2010. He compellingly shows why an affordable, powerful tool is needed and how Keynote can fill this void.

I personally use Omnigraffle for my hi-fi wireframing needs. And it bothers me that he assumes ninjas (Japanese) practice kung-fu (Chinese). That’s like depicting a cat barking or chirping. It just doesn’t work that way.

Star Trek Infographic

16 May 2010 | Categories: Artists,Infographics | 0 comments »

This infographic is titled “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Trek” and sadly, I  thought I’d be familiar with more than just 4 of the factoids.

I Googled the artist who created the graphic, Ricky Linn, and I like his portfolio.

Video: T-Shirt War

13 Apr 2010 | Categories: Artists,Funny,Reviews | 1 comment »

T-Shirt War by Ibrahim Nergiz: “222 t-shirts, 2 days, 1 fire extinguisher.”

I like the sound effects the best.

UPDATE [1/25/2012]: Looks like they were commissioned by McDonald’s and Coke to do a commercial:

paper art on

Gaining more with negative space

18 Nov 2009 | Categories: Artists,Reviews | 2 comments »

The use of negative and positive space on paper: by subtracting from the whole, the surrounding space gains. I am not sure who the original artist is but leave a comment if you do.

poor cow

Poor cow

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nyc subway ridership

NYC subway ridership

14 Sep 2009 | Categories: Artists,Infographics | 0 comments »

A cool visualization of how NYC subway ridership has evolved over the last century.

More at the artist’s website and Visual Complexity.

Harry Beck London underground map

Harry Beck, infographic artist from the 30′s

13 Apr 2009 | Categories: Artists,Infographics | 0 comments »

“The two maps on the top are only a few months apart; however, they are separated by a drastic shift in mindset. The one on the left is the foldout map from 1932, still trying to conform to the geographical accuracy of its many stations. The one on the right, from 1933, was the brainchild of engineering draftsman Harry Beck, who decided to disregard geography for sake of legibility and understanding, leading to an irreversible path to abstraction.”


red riding hood

red riding hood 2

Story of “Little Red Riding Hood” in infographics

27 Mar 2009 | Categories: Artists,Infographics,Reviews | 0 comments »

A designer named Tomas Nilsson interprets the fairytale of “Little Red Riding Hood” using informational graphics and animations. My favorite visualization is right around 1:25.

America 1.0

America 2.0

Web 2.0-ified America

17 Mar 2009 | Categories: Artists,Reviews | 0 comments »

Q: What would the United States flag, dollar bill and square states look like if they were updated to web 2.0 standards?

A: They’d have pink gradients, beta seals, bubbley text and rounded corners for sure!

Read all about it at


NYC subway hieroglyphs

24 Feb 2009 | Categories: Artists,Infographics,Reviews | 0 comments »

Often dismissed as cryptic by the common New Yorker, these NYC subway hieroglyphs actually provide some interesting information about our beloved subway cars to the MTA maintenance people. I think the decals are visually interesting, too.

More here: Time Out New York – Subway Hieroglyphs Decoded