How our guests RSVP’d to our wedding

28 Jan 2011 | Categories: Artwork,Doodles,Funny | 1 comment »

It amazes me to see how differently people respond to a simple checkbox.

(Originally posted on our wedding website over a year ago.)

Vintage shots in Photoshop

01 Sep 2010 | Categories: Doodles,Family,Photography | 1 comment »

Achieved some sweet vintage looks in Photoshop. This one’s of me punching my brother. We’re close.

Lieutenant Geordi-Z’s hit single

11 Aug 2010 | Categories: Doodles,Funny | 0 comments »

Star Trek + hip hop reference = Lieutenant Geordi-Z = AWESUM

My Valentine’s Day cards

17 Feb 2010 | Categories: Artwork,Doodles,Family,Funny,Reviews | 0 comments »

The Valentine’s Day cards I created for my friend Lillian who is away in veterinarian school, and my husband in medical school. You poor souls. Here are some cards to cheer you up during all that studying.

talking dogs text message

Funny text message

06 Jan 2010 | Categories: Doodles,Funny | 2 comments »

I received this text message during a meeting at work today and it buzzed 4 separate times since it’s also one of the longest texts I’ve gotten in my life. I personally think it’d be awesome to have talking dogs and my own hologram. Thanks E!

Hello Kitty pumpkin

Holla at me, pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin carvings

01 Nov 2009 | Categories: Artwork,Doodles | 2 comments »

We had a pumpkin carving contest at work last week for Halloween. Looking back now, I wish I carved an evil version of Hello Kitty. Holla “@” at me. Word.

marsie flickr

Spelling with Flickr

25 Sep 2009 | Categories: Doodles,Reviews | 0 comments »

Spell whatever you want, using images of letters from Flickr. Cool tool.

The lovely Baskerville ampersands

Ampersand love

20 May 2009 | Categories: Doodles,Reviews | 1 comment »

While designing my wedding invitations, I have acquired a new, fond appreciation of the ampersand. Check out my homies Baskerville & Baskerville Italic‘s curves, wow.

Linocut by Mary J. Kim, 2002

“A Summer’s Past” Linocut, 2002

06 Apr 2009 | Categories: Artwork,Doodles | 1 comment »

Here’s a serious blast from the past, a linocut I did during my undergraduate years at Smith College. I majored in Studio Art and concentrated in Digital — but I sure loved my printmaking courses. After all those years of playing with digital ink, I had to fight against instinct and finally get my hands dirty in the real deal, oil-based litho ink that we used for our linoleum cuts and lithograph prints.

“A Summer’s Past” is featured in the student artwork gallery of the Smith Art department website.

Mary time spent daily

Mary: Time Spent Daily

31 Mar 2009 | Categories: Doodles,Infographics | 1 comment »

I was pondering about where my time is spent on an average daily basis so I drew a chart to visualize it. While a fair estimation of how my time is spent, my productivity level needs its own chart.