Vintage shots in Photoshop

01 Sep 2010 | Categories: Doodles,Family,Photography | 1 comment »

Achieved some sweet vintage looks in Photoshop. This one’s of me punching my brother. We’re close.

My Valentine’s Day cards

17 Feb 2010 | Categories: Artwork,Doodles,Family,Funny,Reviews | 0 comments »

The Valentine’s Day cards I created for my friend Lillian who is away in veterinarian school, and my husband in medical school. You poor souls. Here are some cards to cheer you up during all that studying.

My nephews

Introducing Graphic Design to My Nephews

22 Jan 2009 | Categories: Family | 0 comments »

I found the perfect opportunity to give an introduction of graphic design to my nephews, age 4 and 6, while we were hanging out at our hotel in Disneyland two weeks ago. I pulled up Adobe Illustrator in full-screen and showed them some of my work and then let them go crazy on a blank canvas — they loved it!