Taylor Swift infographic

23 Feb 2010 | Categories: Funny,Infographics,Reviews | 1 comment »

The complete works of Taylor Swift: a symbolic analysis with icons representing the number of songs employing its motif. Infographic is from the article Why Taylor Swift Offends Little Monsters, Feminists, and Weirdos.

One of my designer friends at work sent this to me because I was humming a Taylor Swift song at my desk. I don’t even know how it got in my head when all I did was listen to the news this morning. Today’s incident in addition to the time I became happy when I heard a Lady Gaga song on the radio for the first time in weeks (“happy” in quotations, under the same category as satisfying an addition) makes me very afraid.

My Valentine’s Day cards

17 Feb 2010 | Categories: Artwork,Doodles,Family,Funny,Reviews | 0 comments »

The Valentine’s Day cards I created for my friend Lillian who is away in veterinarian school, and my husband in medical school. You poor souls. Here are some cards to cheer you up during all that studying.

google nexus one android phone

Google Nexus One Android phone

05 Jan 2010 | Categories: Reviews,Technology | 1 comment »

Alas. It’s available to the public. It’s the best phone out there — even better than the iPhone or Droid. Trust. Me.


New Friendster email

Friendster email – FAIL

08 Dec 2009 | Categories: Funny,Reviews,Technology | 0 comments »

I got an email from the guys at Friendster thanking me for being a part of the “thriving” Friendster community. That line made me smile for the irony of the word in quotes but also because I hadn’t logged into Friendster for possibly 2-3 years since they dropped the ball in providing a usable social networking experience.

But the email said a “new and improved” Friendster had arrived and it’s easier to use, more fun, more colorful, faster, has easier commenting and photo-sharing, provides profile skins and a new ‘gift shop’. Ok, I’ll bite, I said to myself and I clicked a link in the email to check it out.

And then I got a broken link:

friendster fail

Friendster FAIL.

amazon windowshop

Online Window-shopping at Windowshop.com

01 Dec 2009 | Categories: Reviews,Technology | 0 comments »

Online shopping usually lacks intimacy. When I go into a neighborhood bookstore, I often pick up books that catch my eye. I take a subtle second to notice how heavy the book is, how crisp the cover’s print quality is — and as I open the book for the first time, I subconsciously feel the stiffness of its spine, the thickness of its paper, the “new book” smell it gives off… Although I can’t sniff my computer, Amazon’s Windowshop surprisingly had me pressing arrow keys for the last 15 minutes of my day. By browsing books, movies and music visually and interactively with page samples, audio and video previews — I had an overall experience that was delightfully simple. Unfortunately while the intimacy of online shopping is increased, its context, descriptions, keywords and reviews are gone.

paper art on marsie.com

Gaining more with negative space

18 Nov 2009 | Categories: Artists,Reviews | 2 comments »

The use of negative and positive space on paper: by subtracting from the whole, the surrounding space gains. I am not sure who the original artist is but leave a comment if you do.

Difference between Arial and Helvetica

Difference between Arial & Helvetica

28 Sep 2009 | Categories: Reviews | 0 comments »

Someone at work sent this out. The angles are particularly interesting to see in this form.

marsie flickr

Spelling with Flickr

25 Sep 2009 | Categories: Doodles,Reviews | 0 comments »

Spell whatever you want, using images of letters from Flickr. Cool tool.


Google Streeview Holodeck

Google Street View “Holodeck”

23 Jul 2009 | Categories: Reviews,Technology | 1 comment »

Step into Google StreetView Holodeck simulator that Google has at its Mountain View campus, and you get StreetView scenes animated, projected on screens all around you, as if you were inside the camera itself. I got to check it out earlier this week during my business trip to the Mountain View office and it was fun exploring the world in life-size 360-degrees — until I felt just about 360-degrees of nausea.

See a 360-degree panoramic view of the Google Holodeck: http://www.360cities.net/image/streetview-cave-googleplex

Read more about the Holodeck: http://searchengineland.com/google-holodeck-streetview-in-360-degrees-19808

htc magic android g2

Google Android G2

12 Jun 2009 | Categories: Reviews,Technology | 3 comments »

I still haven’t had the chance to play with any of the new Android G2 models but I can’t wait to drool all over one. Photo courtesy of Gizmodo.